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In 2017 Tony Crown’s debut solo project Distant From the Universe delivered the St. Louis singer-songwriter to the small screen in a big way. Crown’s ambient alt-rock quickly found its place in popular television; landing sought after syncs in Ray Donovan, Fear the Walking Dead, Supergirl, and The Affair. As he looks to double down on his success as a solo act, his latest EP Burning the Roses embraces change and a challenge creatively. Teaming with producer Andrew Stephen, Crown sets his expected acumen for alt-rock behind dense electronic backdrops and animated dub breakdowns. Together they reveal an unseen facet of Tony Crown, while positioning his music to open new eyes.  

The title track off of the album is a dark electro-pop number, detailing a romance that’s run its course and the lust left in its aftermath. Moving to a self-assured slow groove, each rhythm is punctuated by the track’s crisp backbeat, while Crown’s ensemble of synths feel like they’re lurking between each riff. Rather than dwelling on a love that’s soured, “Burning the Roses” seems like it’s gradually grooving passed it. Crown’s lyrics acknowledge moving forwards through lingering traces of desire: “Addicted to pleasure/Yeah that’s what you are/Shout out to your world/You’ll always be my girl.” His heavily processed vocals fuse into the track’s electronic backing. The effect gives Crown’s love story a stoic, almost robotic, temperament.

Crown’s narrative is – appropriately – inspired by the imagery of a burning rose, viewing it as a portrait of humanity’s destructive tendencies. In an interview with SynchAudio, Crown describes the track’s universal relevance: “We take for granted the things we have, and yearn for the things we can’t/don’t have. We are essentially all guilty of burning the roses.” While Crown edges away from his formula for past success with Burning the Roses, his point about longing for the unfamiliar might offer some insights towards his shift in genre. He may burn the rose, so to speak, of alt-rock on his latest EP, but Crown proves that he has no shortage of creativity left to re-invent himself from the ashes.

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