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Developed by Carly Craig and Daniel Reisinger, Youtube Premium’s raunchy new rom-com Sideswiped dives face-first into the awkward realities of modern online dating. After turning 35, an age-anxious Olivia (Carly Craig) pledges to date every single match she’s made on Tinder. Her sister Jayne (Chelsea Frei), who is aching for adventure outside of married life, as well as their mother Mary (Rosanna Arquette), a zestful widow and no stranger to the online dating scene, prompt Olivia every step of the way. With a stellar cast, captivating sense of humour, and award-winning music supervisor Nora Felder (Stranger Things, Ray Donovan) helping guide the soundtrack, SynchAudio is excited to see Debbie Reifer’s “The Ruin” and Irene Theo’s “Enigma” receive placements in the series.  

“The Ruin” is a slow grooving introspective number reflecting on the merit of love’s sacrifices. Set to a wearied tempo, and a subdued guitar riff that feels like it’s on a walk to clear its state of mind, Reifer tells a solemn narrative. The track’s ambience is sparse, leaving space for passionate vocal swells and the distant mingling of electric guitar and synth. Though the song’s tone is somber, Reifer’s composed delivery offers a sense of comfort and a guiding voice. The listening experience could liken listeners to the focused centre of a bokeh photograph, blurring out their surroundings before drawing concentrated attention to their deepest thoughts. “The Ruin” appears in the second episode of Sideswiped.

Between its steady sway, orchestral climax, and Theo’s ageless sense of soul, everything about “Enigma” feels like a classic. The narrative sounds like it might have taken place in black and white, while Theo’s lyrics echo a timeless tale contemplating unideal love: “Remember the time when you promised a fantasy? / Hurry before that becomes a pleasant memory.”  Theo’s vocals stand at the forefront, accented by bounding keys and a leisurely swinging bass line, steering the story through expressive waves of desire and lovesickness. “Enigma” can be heard in Sideswiped’s sixth episode.


Click here to watch the first episode of Sideswiped

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