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Lesley Demetriades’ lighthearted indie flick Women and Sometimes Men tells the story of a young woman seeking self-discovery, exploring new spectrums of sexuality, romance, and friendship along the way. While Demetriades offers a charming tale and a refreshing perspective on relationships, SynchAudio is proud to have 10 tracks from our catalogue accompany the journey.

Recently engaged and living in New York, Sara (Tasha Ames) needs to fill a void in her life. The day after agreeing to marry her boyfriend August (Ian Shepard), she accepts that marriage – and men – may not be the answer. Her love for August is sincere, but she can’t continue to repress her attraction to women, and a need to fully understand her sexual desires. This sets her down an uncharted trail full of awkward first dates, brash pickup attempts, and lonely nights, as well as passionate new encounters, polyamorous romance, and individual growth.

The story is a character-driven almost, but not quite, rom-com, following Sara’s arc from insecure to self-assured. Sara ultimately finds a more empowered version of herself by being honest about her needs and pursuing them boldly. She might not know exactly what she wants, but knowing what she doesn’t want is enough to send her down a more fulfilling path. Part of this fulfillment might still involve a loving relationship with August, but one that’s unbound by labels. The film’s portrayal of Sara and August presents an increasingly relevant view on relationships and marriage; love doesn’t always take the shape of a wedding ring.

With Elhomme’s Opening Queen setting the film’s opening scene, and HoTeL’sSilence Turner backing the closing credits, the music of SynchAudio’s clients helps steer the story from start to finish. Sunrise and Good People’sThe Love sets the stage for Sara’s first night out after leaving August, only to have Irene Theo’s sultry R&B resonating throughout the bar where she arrives. Daäna’s The Road To Chorasmia can be heard blasting outside of a club as Sara reluctantly dials an ex, while Lindy Vopnfjörd’sHow I Know looks to be August’s choice of music for setting a romantic mood. Michael Peter Olsen and Cameron Brooks see their tracks guiding key moments of character development, whether it’s Sara learning the limits of a non-monogamous arrangement with August, or rejoicing after a shameless one-night stand. From subtle source music to prominent emotional cues, SynchAudio feels privileged to see its music put to good use in Women and Sometimes Men.

Women and Sometimes Men is available on iTunes and Amazon, or click here to watch the film.


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