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SynchAudio’s extensive dive into the global music market’s deep end felt like more of a cannonball in 2017. Our prolonged love affair with music is best described in the hook of a punk classic by Wreckless Eric: “I’d go the whole wide world just to find her.” Our pursuits have taken us from Southern France’s gorgeous shores, to Australia’s red-hot coast, to the frosted mountains of Western Canada, with no shortage of stops in between. Our catalogue has grown comprehensively, adding true talents spanning from Los Angeles to Budapest. We’re more than proud of our roster’s growth, and the multitude of film and television placements we’ve seen to reflect our team’s commitment to quality. As we hit the water after the exhilarating cliff dive that was 2017, SynchAudio is ready to climb to greater heights and do it all again. 

At the soul of SynchAudio, more than anything else, is our focus on the music creator. That focus is always the beacon that keeps us on course. The music creator/independent artist, musician, songwriter, and composer is why we established SynchAudio in the first place. Since January we have signed more than twenty new artists and all of them shine bright with extraordinary talent. The thing that puts the biggest smile on our face is when we tell one of our artists that we have just placed one of their songs in a major television show or movie. We feel humbled to have done that so many times in the past year. SynchAudio now has a great international network comprised of leading members of the music supervisor community. Our deepest thanks to all of the music supervisors that have included songs from our catalogue in their projects.

2017’s Placements

Jun. 25: Tony Crown (Killing Machine) in Fear the Walking Dead (S.3 E. 5), featured as Top TV Song on Tunefinds weekly chart

Jul. 11: Julie Title/ produced by Dusty Chesterfield (The Sea), in The Fosters (S5. E.01)

Jul. 25: Irene Theo/Dusty Chesterfield (Make Me Cry), in The Fosters (S.5 E.03)

Aug. 6: Mimi O’Bonsawin (Stone Gaze), in Ray Donovan (S.5 E. 01)

Aug. 20: Debbie Reifer (Amber), in Ray Donovan (S.5 E3)

Aug. 27: Tony Crown (Fly like an Eagle), in Ray Donovan (S.5 E04)

Oct 8: Daäna (Hindu Kush), in Ray Donovan (S.5 E09)

Oct 8: Derek Poulsen (It’s Like Flying), in Ray Donovan (S.5 E09)

Oct 8: Poema (Forget You in LA), in Ray Donovan (S.5 E09)

Oct 21: Sunrise and Good People (The Love), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: Irene Theo (Get F***d), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: Daäna (The Road To Chorasmia), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: Cameron Brooks (Zero), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: Cameron Brooks (Under 20), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: Lindy Vopnfjörd (How I Know), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: Elhomme (The Opening Queen), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: Our Founders (Only We [Sleepless Remix]), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: Michael Peter Olsen (Ghost), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 21: HoTeL (Silence Tuner), in Women and Sometimes Men

Oct 27: Cameron Brooks (Where Django’s At), in Stranger Things 2 (S.2 Chapter 6)

Oct 27: Cameron Brooks (I See Charcoal), in Stranger Things 2 (S.2 Chapter 9)

Nov. 28: Mimi O’Bonsawin (A Mothers Cry), in Mohawk Girls (S.5 E. 03)

Dec. 5: Mimi O’Bonsawin (Weird), in Mohawk Girls (S.5 E. 04)

Dec. 19: Mimi O’Bonsawin (Beautiful Place), in Mohawk Girls (S.5 E. 06)


January 14: A Music Creator’s Workshop with Mary Ramos in Toronto, Ontario
SynchAudio was thrilled to kick off 2017 by hosting Quentin Tarantino’s iconic music supervisor Mary Ramos at an elegant and informative workshop in Toronto. Moderated by SynchAudio’s own CEO Farinoush Mostaghimi, Ramos shared her insights into getting music selected for film, television, and advertising, among an exclusive group of SynchAudio’s roster. (Read More)

Quentin Tarantino and Music Supervisor Mary Ramos

January 15: SynchAudio Unplugged at The Rivoli in Toronto
The Rivoli’s backroom was packed with an attentive crowd of industry peers as artists from SynchAudio’s catalogue put their talents on display live. Attendees were treated to a diverse lineup that did not disappoint. Upbeat indie rockers Made Them Lions, a free spirited grooving set by Mimi O’Bonsawin, and an intimate acoustic performance by Lindy Vopnfjörd were highlights of the night. (Read More)

June 6–9: Midem Music Festival and Conference in Cannes, France
The beauty of Cannes in the summertime is just one of the perks of SynchAudio’s ongoing partnership with Midem, one of the year’s most celebrated music events internationally. The music business’s brightest minds held panel discussions for attendees during the day, and the French Riviera’s sands became a stage for emerging global acts at night. SynchAudio was proud to present its Sync & Brands Day at Midem, as guests heard from some of sync’s most influential names. Sony’s Tony Scudellari (Better Call Saul, The Get Down, Breaking Bad) and Picture Music Company’s Nora Felder (Stranger Things, Ray Donovan, The OA) headlined a stacked lineup of speakers. (Read More)

Midem 2017 in Cannes, France

June 23: Launch of SYNCHAUDIO.BLOG
Keeping up with the music business’s hottest trends is essential to SynchAudio’s identity, but our team views sharing our discoveries as an important part of contributing to the music community’s growth as a whole. The launch of SynchAudio.Blog has been a rewarding undertaking, allowing us to spotlight top emerging artists, industry events, and key music figures worldwide. 

July 6: Release of Tony Crown’s “Distant From the Universe”
SynchAudio was very excited to support a budding talent with the release of Tony Crown’s debut solo LP Distant From the Universe. A delicately textured venture into Crown’s atmospheric indie rock, the album has already received three prominent television placements. This includes the use of his track “In the Now” on Showtime’s The Affair, his cover of “Fly Like an Eagle” on Showtime’s Ray Donovan, and his single “Killing Machine” on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. The latter earned Crown the top spot on Tunefind’s weekly Top TV Music chart. (Read More)

September 5-8: BIGSOUND Festival and Conference in Brisbane, Australia
SynchAudio continued its quest to spread the latest trends in sync around the globe, this time along Australia’s golden coast at BIGSOUND’s festival and conference. The event was topped off by a captivating discussion between music supervisor extraordinaire Mary Ramos and Triple J’s Zan Rowe about the craft of music supervision. SynchAudio’s Farinoush Mostaghimi played her part on a compelling panel that discussed the relationship between marketing and sync. (Read More)

BIGSOUND Festival and Conference in Brisbane, Australia

October 21: Women and Sometimes Men Premieres at Chelsea Film Festival
SynchAudio was proud to have its catalogue heavily featured in the independent film Women & Sometimes Men. Premiering at the Chelsea Film Festival in New York, the film included music from SynchAudio’s Sunrise and Good People, Irene Theo, Daäna, Cameron Brooks, and Lindy Vopnfjörd among other artists. 

November 15-17: Budapest Showcase Hub (BUSH) in Budapest, Hungary
SynchAudio’s next stop on the year’s global expedition was in Hungary for the Budapest Showcase Hub. A new comer in the world of international music conferencing, BUSH more than held its own through an engaging series of talks and a rich cultural experience. Our team felt privileged to once again present Picture Music Company’s Nora Felder as a guest speaker. (Read More

Budapest Showcase Hub in Budapest, Hungary

November 29-December 3: Whistler Film Festival in Whistler, British Columbia
As the winter rolled in SynchAudio journeyed out west, concluding 2017’s tour of global conferences at the Whistler Film Festival in British Columbia. SynchAudio’s Farinoush Mostaghimi moderated a prestigious panel of television music executives, offering a glimpse into the process of television scoring for composers. Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Tony Scudellari and Julie Weitz, and Lionsgate’s Janine Scalise Boyd were among speakers in attendance. (Read More)

SynchAudio Exclusives
SynchAudio was very excited to launch its SynchAudio Exclusive video series, profiling emerging artists in our diverse catalogue. Debbie Reifer out of Barbados, St. Louis’s Tony Crown, and Toronto’s own Mimi O’Bonsawin were among artists that traveled to our Toronto headquarters to kick off the series. 


Tony Crown (United States), Cameron Brooks (United States)

Dusty Chesterfield (Canada), Derek Poulsen  (United States)

Andrea Ramolo (Canada), PODGE (United States), JADE (Canada), Ava Wolfe  (Canada), Irene Theo (Canada), Florent Turpin (Netherlands)


Nolan Rossi (United States), POEMA (United States), Whym (United States), Erica McManus (United States)

Josh Graham (United States)

Young Noble (United States) So-Cal Rocket Dynamics (United States), 

JORJA (Australia/UK)

Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party (Canada), Alice Osian (United States) 

Skeemers (Hungary)

SynchAudio is a Toronto boutique music placement company that provides one-stop, full service licensing representation for the use of music and media in all screen based storytelling platforms. Follow @SynchAudio for more great music industry news or log on to to preview our extensive catalogue.

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