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As we prepare to take SynchAudio on the road for our next exciting music adventure we are learning a lot about Budapest. We have never been to Hungary or its capital Budapest before, but we know that it is one of the great classic and most beautiful cities of Europe, and that it is rich in its love for the arts and culture. Culturally it is an important centre for music, film, theatre, dance and visual art, and it boasts having one of the best opera houses in the world – the Budapest Opera House. This city, situated on the iconic Danube River, has an incredible music legacy including being home to renowned composers and pianists Franz Liszt and Béla Bartók. It is also the centre for the Hungarian entertainment industry and film and television production.  Oh, and we can’t forget that it is the home of the Budapest Zoo, the oldest zoo in the world, which opened in 1865.

Budapest Showcase Hub 2017 is the second year for this three day combined festival and conference. It will focus on spotlighting the musical talent of Eastern Europe, including fifteen countries of the former “Eastern Bloc”. BUSH is a new kid on the block of world festivals and conferences, with its primary raison d’être to showcase and educate its national and regional music artists. Budapest Showcase Hub was co-founded in 2016 by Renato Horvath. In its inaugural year the three day event hosted 350 delegates and 30 bands from Eastern Europe, along with attendees from: the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and other areas outside the region. Renato comments:

“The main theme of the event is to forge stronger ties between East European countries, because even though they are a few hundred miles away from each other, there is quite a big cultural gap and people forget to think of them as potential markets. Also the bands are genuinely awesome and worthy of spreading the news. Another great win is that the region as a whole is far more attractive to the rest of the world than all these tiny countries on their own.”

The showcase component of BUSH is a top priority of the whole event because this is where the bands get to really “showcase” their talent and demonstrate whether they have the goods to go beyond their local areas, countries, and regions, and take on the world. BUSH is bringing in delegates and speakers from the whole of the music industry, including guests from Europe, the US, and Canada. This will allow artists and their reps opportunities to wow agents and other music biz taste-makers worldwide. It is one thing to be able to showcase your musical talents, but the event’s conference portion is where the vital industry knowledge and education gets shared, and where you learn to navigate taking your artist to the world stage.

Nora Felder, president of Picture Music Company, has emerged as one of the leading music supervisors in the business. To name just a few of the hit series she’s worked on, the list includes: Netflix’s Stranger Things and The OA, Showtime’s Ray Donovan, Better Things, and the full seven season run of Californication. In 2017 Nora was nominated for an Emmy in outstanding music supervision, and won the Guild of Music Supervisors’ pick for Best Drama Series. Nora has also been twice honoured with the prestigious Hollywood Music and Media Award for Outstanding Music Supervision in Television. Filling out her extensive resume, Nora was also featured as one of Billboard’s “7 Supervisors to Watch”.

KEYNOTE “Listening Session” With NORA FELDER
A definite highlight of the conference will be the event’s Listening Session with Nora Felder, moderated by SynchAudio’s own CEO Farinoush Mostaghimi. This presentation will be comprised of two valuable program elements. Noush will interview Nora about her role and experience as one of Hollywood’s leading music supervisors, followed by a listening session where 10 songs pre-selected by Picture Music Company will be curated for Nora’s current TV projects. Nora will also offer her best practices when working with music supervisors, and general advice for those looking to secure placements. A true trend setter in the world of music supervision, we are thrilled to have Nora Felder joining us in Budapest.

Keynote Speaker/Music Supervisor Nora Felder


Farinoush (Noush) Mostaghimi, founder and creative director of SYNCHAUDIO Inc, will be at Budapest Showcase Hub 2017 where she will be participating in the conference portion of the event.

Noush will have a full agenda beyond the conference, as she seeks out music from artists performing at the festival showcases. Noush comments:

“During my time at BUSH I will be actively looking for new music and artists to add to our music roster. I am looking at this festival as a great opportunity to discover great music from the Eastern Europe region. At SynchAudio, our aim is to have a diverse catalogue of music. Our goal is to have a deep well of music for music supervisors to access. We are seeking all styles, from the most popular and contemporary to traditional and world roots and indigenous. Because when it comes to film and television, it is the music that provides the colour that helps bring the director’s story to life. The music supervisor is the curator of the music and we aim to give them the greatest access to choice. So we are seeking music from all over the world including Hungary and Eastern Europe.”

SynchAudio is a Toronto boutique music placement company that provides one-stop, representation for the use of music and media in all screen based storytelling platforms. Follow @SynchAudio for more great music industry news or log on to to preview our extensive catalogue.

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