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Written by Sandy James
Edited by Farinoush Mostaghimi (Noush)

Some artists just make it seem easy. A published poet and singer-songwriter out of Toronto, soul pours out of Irene Theo like it’s an afterthought. Theo’s voice is a history book on powerhouse songstresses, melding the Ellas and Arethas of yesterday with the modern day Amys and Adeles. Fresh to the world of songwriting, she has wasted no time letting her timeless vocal stylings leave a lasting musical footprint. In advance of her debut LP’s release working alongside producer/composer Dusty Chesterfield, Theo’s first single “Make Me Cry” has already garnered a placement in ABC’s The Fosters.

“Make Me Cry” is pure feeling wrapped in Irene Theo’s elegant package of jazz infused soul pop. Set to sparse keys and a grooving bass line, her voice moseys you through hazy back corridors and sultry lounge dining halls. Words have a way of skating off of Theo’s tongue with a smooth edge. Each line is passionate but delivered with nonchalance, accentuating themes of habitual love, unruly lust, and predictable heartbreak: “I’m willing to do anything/To keep tonight’s embrace/Lasting past tomorrow babe/ I don’t want to fall in love again.” Theo delves beyond romantic fluff, focusing on love as an imperfect compromise. She describes an irrational cycle between empowerment and helplessness that these romances produce: “When did I become/The one who acted faithfully?/Taking every hit/With utmost pride and loyalty.” Everything from Theo’s self-assured swagger to her instinctive musical apt would be easy to envy if it wasn’t so addictive. While hair of the dog tends to be withdrawal’s quick fix, expect to hear a lot more out of Irene Theo in a short amount of time.

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